Orthopedic shoes are made with specific comfort qualities, such as padded removable foot beds, wide toe boxes, extra depth, light weight, thick rubber outsole and arch support. They are also made from soft material which helps to reduce pressure and enhance comfort.

Benefits of Orthopedic Shoes

Mobility issue is one of the primary reason why people seek foot care. Walking, running or standing is difficult when wearing shoes that do not provide the right support or comfort. Since orthopedic shoes are light weight and made with rubber outsole they are not only easier to wear but they reduce the impact force on the heels, knees and back at heel strike.

Foot pain is something that so many people live with but is one that can be easily resolved with a proper pair of shoes. Orthopedic shoes are one of the quickest solution for foot pain because the wider width in the toe box allows more space to move around and promote not only comfort but better blood circulation. Therefore, people with such foot deformities as corns, bunions and hammertoe can be better accommodated with orthopedic shoes as the wider width can more easily meet their treatment need for increased space. The softer material will also reduce pressure, friction, blisters and while increasing comfort.

Brands We Carry

Many people think of orthopedic shoes as old fashion and unattractive, however todays orthopedic shoes are as fashionable as regular shoes even with all the built in comfort features. We carry several brands of orthopedic shoes namely: Dr. Comfort, Drew shoes, Finn Comfort, Aetrex and P.W. Minor. All these brands are reputable and recognized by most insurance companies.