Compression socks are very tight hosiery designed to provide pressure on the lower leg, ankle and calf to promote healthy blood flow. When we stand or sit for prolong periods, which are the two positions that mostly occupy our day, blood flow from the foot back to heart becomes challenging work as it is working against gravity. Compression socks exert pressure that squeezes the blood through narrow channels that carry the blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. Compression Socks are often recommended by doctors for individuals with circulatory conditions of the lower limbs.

Circulatory Conditions Requiring Compression Socks

Edema: Swelling of the legs and ankles.

Deep vein thrombosis(DVT): This occur due to lack of movement as prolong inactivity can cause blood flow to slow down in the lower limbs. When this occurs, blood pools in the legs and forms blood clots. Therefore sitting for long periods such as on long flights or a desk job can encourage DVT.

Varicose veins: These are swollen and enlarged veins that appears a discolored dark blue or purple. They are an indication that the valves in the vein are defective and the blood is pooling or flowing in the wrong direction.

Venous insufficiency: This occurs when the veins no longer pumps blood back into the heart. Common symptoms of venous insufficiency includes; sore tired feet, heavy leg, numbing, tingling and cold feet.

Clinical evidence shows that compression socks really work and are quite safe. However, they should be used carefully and only after they have been prescribed by your family doctor. It is advisable to use a medical professional to measure and ensure proper fitting as they can cut off blood circulation and oxygenation resulting in tissue death if they are too tight. It is not advisable to use compression socks while you sleep or if you have heart failure or arterial disease.

Compression socks come in different lengths such as ankle length, knee high, thigh highs, panty hose. They also come in different styles such as closed toes and open toes.